U S. Pet Food Business


However, you need to by no means feed your dog raw or undercooked pork to prevent a bacterial infection, which may make your canine sick . Products that contain alcohol, corresponding to alcoholic beverages, perfumes, mouthwash and cleansing merchandise, ought to at all times be avoided your dog. Keep in mind that too much vitamin A can result in bone issues and muscle weak point in dogs. Thus, you need to avoid feeding your canine excessive quantities of sweet potatoes .

  • It’s thermally stable, so it doesn’t readily oxidize, even with high heat.
  • There isn’t any requirement that pet food products have pre-market approval by the FDA.
  • It’s freeze-dried to ensure freshness and full of wholesome ingredients to ensure your canine receives the highest possible stage of nutrition.

The pet food trade also has a significant impact on corn. The research discovered that corn and corn gluten are the dominant plant-based mostly ingredients used in pet food, with virtually 1.three million tons of corn and 476,649 tons of corn gluten meal used nationally. This is another ingredient to which Virginia farmers contribute.