Horse Riding in Norway: What Equipment do You Need?


There are many sports that are being played in Norway. But due to the greenery, fields, and beautiful courts, horse riding is quite a popular sport you can try out. The best thing is, you can even get training there and see how the actual and professional horse riding is done. But have you ever precisely wondered what types of equipment you would need for horse riding? If not, then you really should, as that equipment will give you proper grip, protection, and the experience a horse rider would want.

If you do not know from where you can buy horse equipment in Norway, you can simply visit the stores like Horze that solely offer horse products. You can explore other options too if you are not satisfied with a particular store.

The most crucial equipment you would need for horse riding!

Let’s take a brief look at the equipment you would need for horse riding in Norway that would ensure the best experience for you.

·         Proper Apparel and the Boots

Your clothing plays a critical role in making your horse riding experience better or worse. If you go with casual clothes, you might slip on the saddle, your shoes won’t get the grip, and you will feel uncomfortable your whole ride. That is why it is better to go with pants that have grip material in them. It will ensure that you have a sturdy experience.

Besides that, your boots also play a critical role as you have to stick them into the stirrup. It is also a good idea if you can go with cowboy boots as they are specifically designed for harsh use and can offer your durability and reliability for a long time. You can find different stores selling similar clothing items by searching them on You can even check the reviews of those stores there to make sure you are going for the right store.

·        Safety gear

Safety gear includes the helmet, gloves, knee pads, and other similar things that can help you protect your body. You do not really know what can happen if you fall from a running horse. You might hit your head, you might break a bone, or anything uncertain can happen. But surely, safety gear for horse riding can save you from all these hassles and troubles.

·        Horse equipment!

The last thing that you will have to keep in check is the horse equipment. You will have to get your hands on a saddle, stirrup, bit, girth, and other few things to start your ride. Yes, if you are getting a horse from a trainer just for a few rides, you might get all these things. But if you are planning to have a horse of your own for longer-term, you will have to get all of these things.


Never ever compromise on things when you think there is a danger of injury. The same scenario goes with horse riding, and you should keep all the things mentioned above in mind at all costs.